What is cognitive matching?

At One Prediction, one of the features we use a lot in our predictive targeting is cognitive matching. It adds a deeper layer of knowledge and likelihood of interaction with the marketing and sales efforts of our clients.

So what is Cognitive Matching; it is using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and semantic technologies to create a match between individuals and content in any channel. This content can be product, offer, treatment [receive a call, an email, an ad] and much more. Cognitive matching has a effect on the quality of the predictive targeting and thereby helps companies maximize responses, revenue and ultimately profit.

Cognitive matching adds an extra layer of information about your clients. Their behavior can tell you a lot about their life situation, preferences and wishes. We gather data from web tracking, transactions, email tracking etc through active API connections automating the process.. We also use the same technology to make similar profiles on content using both structured (price, length, size etc.) and unstructured data (Descriptions, pictures, reviews etc). Adding this with Machine learning and AI, cognitive matching can tell the story your client is telling and where it is heading. 

From this we predict the Personal Relevance of an offer or a content element, and determine how the customer is likely to react to those. And we continue learning from the continuous feedback from customers and automatically optimizes customer Profiles and prediction models over time.

Below is a visual representation of how it works on a specific case. Using customer responses and information to create a cognitive profile of the lead. Matching that with a profile of the content the lead could be matched with. Finding the match between the lead and the content. In this case we’ve match over 400 different types of concerts with every individual lead finding the likelihood of a positive match.  But you can read more about this case on our website.

“Cognitive matching is like having unlimited numbers of experts giving the best possible descriptive characteristics of any unique content, while at the same time matching these to individual user in a automated way.  ”

Álvaro Gonzalez, Data Analyst at One Prediction