Gold and Silver at Danish Digital Award

Last night we attended Danish digital awards together with our partner, One Marketing and client, DR Koncerthuset. We were nominated in two categories, Personalization and Marketing Automation.  Winning Gold for the Marketing Automation category and Silver in the Personalization category.

The jury gave the following comment on the decision to awards the case with gold in the Marketing Automation category:

DR Koncerthuset beviser at de tør tænke længere. Gennem intelligent brug af teknologi og data, sætter DR Koncerthuset helt nye standarder for hvad relevant kommunikation gennem Marketing Automation er. – DDA Jury

It says;

DR Koncerthuset proves that they dare to think further. Through intelligent use of technology and data, DR Koncerthuset is setting whole new standards for what relevant communication through Marketing Automation is.

We would like to thank DR Koncerthuset and ONE Marketing for a outstanding cooperation and their trust in us and our technology. We are looking forward to improving the results for years to come.

Below you will find the submitted video to the award show (Danish for now)  and following that you will find the written case (in english)

Find the full case below!

A symphony of effective personalization


DR Concert Hall is a high-profile concert venue that holds over 400 concerts and events a year. The audience can experience everything from Carl Nielsen’s symphonies to rock icons such as Nick Cave and girl choirs performing Danish songs. The goal is to share music and experiences with as many people as possible, and every effort is made to fill the hall before each concert. DR Concert Hall has a public service responsibility to also create space for new artists, the untested and the experimental that the audience does not already know.  

The ambition is to challenge and inspire the audience to seek new experiences. The challenge is that music is full of nuances and thus very individual. Jazz is not just Jazz. Whoever loves the crooner Gregory Porter does not necessarily love the experimental percussionist Marilyn Mazur. How does one go from thinking genre and artist to individual and musical taste?

The conventional approach, with rule-based segmentation and personalization, served the Concert Hall for a long time and achieved good results – but you never get to 1: 1 personalization with man-made rules.

While working with segmentation and personalization based on demographic data, concert history and behavior from digital channels, experience shows that one often are segmented wrongly when it is blindly assumed that those who love Nick & Jay, also love Jamie Cullum – pop is not just pop.

The challenge can be explained through these key questions:

  • How and on what channels do our existing and potential target groups are, and how do we communicate in a valuable and relevant way – and above all personally? 
  • What influence does a personal experience recommendation play, when a new individual visits the DR Concert Hall for the very first time, or when a previous guest needs to be inspired to visit the hall?
  • How to get closer to a world where the potential guest and the guest’s individual taste are at the center of the DR concert’s dialogue, content and efforts across platforms?

The goals are: 

  • Improve relevance and save conversation time until DR Concert Hall has something relevant for the individual guest
  • Increase sales through higher engagement created by hyper-personal communication
  • … at all contact points regardless of platform.


In collaboration with ONE Marketing and ONE Prediction, the DR Concert Hall has developed and implemented a personalization solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which over time creates a cognitive profile on the individual level – both for known and new guests. The pilot that started in 2017 today serves as a fully automated solution, which forms part of DR Concert Hall overall “marketing ecosystem”. Data flows across platforms and merges into a 360-degree view of each visitor’s response and purchase history. 

In the response history, all the content that the individual has interacted with, or chosen not to interact with, is collected. Content is transformed via Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and picture analysis into words and concepts that form part of the overall data landscape and create a fine-grained picture of the individual’s taste in music – 1: 1. New concerts are automatically profiled and matched to the individual guest. The self-learning platform automatically switches between 8 models to form a cognitive match between the individual and each concert. Thus, hyper-personalization becomes a decisive standard in all points of contact.

What do customers experience? 


Every time a guest visits the site and searches for an artist, explores the calendar or chooses favorite concerts, DR Concert Hall gets to know him or her a little better. This means that every visit you have, you have the opportunity to create a personal match based on personal preferences. Each visitor displays individual versions of the site based on preference and likelihood of purchase. The better you know the guest, the better the recommendations. Is it e.g. 250,000 visitors, there are 250,000 unique front-pages.


When an email is sent, the personalization robot ensures that the right customers are selected. This reduces the amount of communication that can be perceived as “noise”. In principle, e-mail contains only those concerts that are most relevant to the individual guest. The content is controlled by the personalization solution, which selects both the number of relevant events, which events and in what order to present them. All records are unique to each recipient.


E-commerce activities on Facebook and Instagram are also adapted to the guests’ cognitive profile. Direct integration to these channels enables content marketing based on the individual’s interests. It also provides unique opportunities to reach look-alikes from the most relevant audience for a specific concert.

The marketing ecosystem consists of award-winning UX, automation and the personalization solution, which provides a unique and holistic approach to all marketing efforts. 


It is our experience that users are more experienced when they visit our site. We see a clear tendency to interact with the new features, and the “chosen for you” filter is widely used – it has quickly become the new norm for our visitors “- Jane Lee Schneider, Senior Digital Manager

DR Concert Hall excelled in the latest BrandAssetTMValuator (BAV) measurement for 2018. The explanation can be found in the way the team is working now, all marketing activity, efforts and content are woven across channels and scaled easily in the ecosystem. DR concert hall has the highest ranking ever in the brand’s overall strength and vitality, and is particularly noted for relevance and reputation parameters. After the final piece of the puzzle went into production in 2019, guest engagement at all points of contact has increased significantly, and the synergy between the channels has become stronger. 

Facebook campaigns show 40% higher click through rate to a total of 31% less in spending than other campaigns, and the traffic generated to the site is converted 3 times more.

    1. Email campaigns have 52% higher Open-rate and 147% higher Click-Through-Rate.
    2. The site converts 15% more than before, and the basket size of visitors has increased by 20%.
    3. Is it worth the time and energy? How have the last two years of unifying UX, automation and AI affected the channel’s contribution to revenue? 

From 2017 to 2019, the site’s contribution to revenue has risen to index 138, SoMe to 168 and mail to 315. 

… And the orchestra at DR Concert Hall behind the digital journey is a team of just two people, strongly supported by their small team of colleagues who ensure brand, content and campaigns are sharp, which is the basis for the personalization robot’s effect.