One Prediction + Data scientists

How can One Prediction help Data scientists?

One Prediction helps Data scientists by automating some mundane and recurring conversion models in marketing. Like generating target lists and predicting response rates. By supporting some of these tasks, both the initiator of marketing/sales efforts get it easier accessible and the valuable time of any Data scientists time, can be used to pursue new and more complex projects. We let you focus on your core business.

How does it work? One Prediction analyses every response to understand your individual customer’s preferences and build a Cognitive Profile for every customer. Advanced Predictive Models predict the personal relevance of an offer or a content element and determine how the customer is likely to react to those. These predictions are key to personalize the customer experience and increase conversion. Over time One Prediction learns from the continuous feedback from customers and automatically optimizes customer Profiles and prediction models.

What This Means For You? One Prediction does not substitute your data science team, it is a complementary solution. Being able to optimize and develop marketing efforts over time, timely push the relevant information to the users of the predictions into any channel. Reducing the need to create and re-create reports for marketing purposes. Making your (data science) time more efficient and you can focus on the more complex and intricate project your company works on. We also make use of your data science and marketing investments, leveraging these without the need for heavy investments. With less than 4 weeks to proof of concept we can be easily implemented and quickly free up time for you to focus on core business.

Who are we? One Prediction is a B2B Cloud Service which adds Lean Personalization to our clients’ existing marketing platform, improves the conversion of omnichannel marketing activities by predicting who to contact, when, in which channel and with which content, and automatizes manual processes.