One Prediction + Marketers

Is One Prediction and marketers the perfect match? Marketers now use One Prediction to eliminate guesswork associated with data-driven marketing. For instance, using the data representing the behavioral pattern of a particular set of users during a trial period will help businesses in predicting the probability of conversion to paid version. 

One Prediction also enables marketers by continuously delivering up-to-date predictions about customers’ likelyhood to respond to all kinds of  marketing efforts. Making it easy to add an advanced layer of personalization to your existing marketing and sales efforts.

Who does it work? One Prediction analyzes every response to understand your individual customer’s preferences and build a Cognitive Profile for every customer. Advanced Machine Learning algorithms predict the Personal Relevance of an offer or a content element and determine how the customer is likely to react to those. These predictions are key to personalize the customer experience and increase conversion. Over time One Prediction learns from the continuous feedback from customers and automatically optimizes customer Profiles and prediction models.

What This Means For You; This means the power of advanced predictive analytics and data scientists gets put in the hands of data-driven marketers. Automating a huge part of the process so that expensive data scientist hours can be spent more wisely on core business. It feeds the data directly into your current marketing tech stack and and gets the usable data into the hands of the marketer when they need it and per their own specifications. And last but not least making sure up-to-date predictions are used in the decision for any personalized channel/flow.  Another important factor is that One Prediction leverages your existing marketing investments getting more value for these. By adding a deeper level of personalization to all aspects of your marketing approach, without further heavy investments.

So who are we? One Prediction is a B2B Cloud Service which adds Lean Personalization to our clients’ existing marketing platform, improves the conversion of omnichannel marketing activities by predicting who to contact, when, in which channel and with which content, and automatizes manual processes.