ONE Prediction

ONE Prediction is a B2B Cloud Service which adds Lean
Personalization to our clients’ existing marketing platform

Business benefits

ONE Prediction improves the conversion of omnichannel marketing activities by predicting who to contact, when, in which channel and with which content, and automatizes manual processes.

Why ONE Prediction

We deliver “State of the art personalization in 4 weeks or less”

  • Short “Time to revenues” through Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Tap into and unify existing data and systems
  • No need for additional skills
  • Save cost by automating manual processes

How it works

Understands your Customers individually
ONE Prediction analyzes every response to understand your individual customer’s preferences and build a Cognitive Profile for every customer.

Matching Cognitive Profiles with Content has proved to be critical for predicting future response.

Personal Relevance
Advanced Predictive Models predict the Personal Relevance of an offer or a content element and determine how the customer is likely to react to those.

These predictions are key to personalize the customer experience and increase conversion.

Automated Self-Learning
ONE Prediction learns from the continuous feedback from customers and automatically optimizes customer Profiles and prediction models.

Continuous Learning increases precision, and over time keeps on improving the customer experience.

Watch a short intro here

”Customers getting Personalized e-mails containing Events that are relevant to them, buy 82% more tickets than Customers getting our normal Newsletter . Our Conversion Rate has increased 5 times after we have used ONE Prediction to select the right audience for our Concerts”

A World Class Concert Hall

Anne Buchwald Pedersen

CRM Manager

DR Koncerthuset

Ticket Sales
E-mail Open Rate
Link Tracks
Conversion Rate


75 % buy #1 and #2 recommendation
62 % email spam reduction
Proof of Concept duration: 3-4 weeks


Increase from 17% to 63% positive response on cross & up sale telemarketing
Proof of Concept duration: 3 weeks


B2B services

30% savings in B2B customer calls
Proof of Concept duration: 3 weeks

ONE Prediction

A Cloud Service which
Integrates with your current Marketing Solution

ONE Prediction will be available as a Fully Manged Cloud Service which seamlessly integrates with your existing Marketing Solution. Any in- or outbound channel can use ONE Prediction to personalize content and create a better customer experience.

World Leading Technology

ONE Prediction is utilizing the leading exponential technologies within AI and Machine Learning from some of the World leading technology providers.

Secure and Scalable

Privacy by Design ensures GDPR compliance. No information which can be directly related to a single customer is stored in ONE Prediction.
Storing and querying massive datasets are done on Google’s Infrastructure in a secure, fast, scalable and cost effective way, regardless of whether you need a small or large solution.

data robot
IBM watson
google cloud


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