Project Description



The Client is a leading housing developer and property owner in Sweden.
A key aspect for property developers is the development of new properties will only start when +60-70% of all apartments are sold. That is why the activation of the leads that they have generated is essential.


The lead conversion rate is fairly low; however, we can see that a big percentage of the customers start their “purchase”-journey by showing interest to one project.
As resources allocated to nurture leads are limited, only the leads who are most likely to purchase must be prioritized.


The Client uses One Prediction to predict which leads among those who have shown interest, are most likely to respond positively to a specific housing project, and eventually purchase.
The prediction is based on data from historical buyers to see trends and similar traits to predict future buyers.
The Client allocates most estate agents resources on the leads that are more likely to purchase.


The client is able to identify 70% of hot leads within 20% of the total leads.
With this insights, the Client is able to:
Allocate resources towards the best leads
Monitor the lead quality per project
Decide upon Marketing investments depending on the lead quality base per project.