Enriched customer data with prediction scores

Enriched customer data with prediction scores

One Prediction improves the quality of human decision making in Sales and Marketing.

One Prediction delivers Machine Learning scores based on your data, that allow you to make better decisions and more advanced segmentations. For example, knowing the propensity to convert because of discounts allows you to give discounts only when relevant. Scores also can tell about the likelihood to buy, to unsubscribe, product preferences.

We plug in to your already existing martech stack enriching your customer data and enabling you to improve customer experience.

One Prediction supports you in your decision making processes. Helping your people better qualify their decisions and improve conversions.

Leveraging existing systems

No need to replace existing systems, One Prediction delivers scores to your current Marketing Automation, CDP, CMS, CRM, etc.

Predictions are made lean

We have packaged standard models in the platform for a fast deployment. Automation of every step of the modelling keeps costs down.

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