Cognitive Match

A unique feature to predict the match between individuals and any piece of content, contributing to 60-90% of the prediction accuracy.

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A unique feature

Matching any individual and any content

Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and semantic technologies, the Cognitive Match automatically predicts a match between individual profiles and any piece of content, at a cognitive level.
The Cognitive Match is a unique feature in One Prediction.

Why this feature?

Our goal is to gain more precision and granularity in our predictions.

Capturing and analyzing what individual leads and customers have responded to, gives us access to their true interests and preferences.

However this data is unstructured, and we found a method to transform it into structured and quantified data.

How could it be beneficial for your company?

The Cognitive Match adds extra dimensions of information about customers and their preferences when consuming your content. It adds a deeper layer of knowledge and likelihood of interaction with the marketing and sales efforts of our clients.

In the cases we have used the Cognitive Match feature in predictions, it has contributed to between 60-90% of the model accuracy.

The Cognitive Match will continue learning from the continuous feedback from customers and automatically enriches customer profiles and prediction models over time.

Who is the Cognitive Match most relevant for?

The Cognitive Match is most relevant for companies, whose products and services are content-rich: descriptions, texts and pictures.

Typically Entertainment, Publishing, Media, and Retail benefit the most from this feature.

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