Marketing people and data analysts can automatically build and deploy a variety of Machine Learning models from standard model types


Which offers / messages / pieces of content should I choose for each of the contacts in my model?

Response prediction.

What is the likelihood that the contacts in my model will convert?

Readiness to engage.

When is the right time for the contacts in my model to convert?


Every customer journey should be unique, but is it today?

By personalizing communication, you improve the experience, engagement and love for your brand – and sales.

That is why you need to identify which content is the most relevant for each individual.

And you need to do it fast, automatically, and precisely..


Which of your leads and customers are most likely to respond to a specific communication?

If you need to focus your scarce resources, which leads and customers should you start with?

One Prediction applies your data and advanced machine learning algorithms to evaluate the expected behavior of each existing customer and prospect, and rank their propensity to convert, be loyal, or buy from your products, content and services.

Leveraging existing systems

No need to replace existing systems, One Prediction delivers scores to your current Marketing Automation, CDP, CMS, CRM, etc.

Predictions are made lean

We have packaged standard models in the platform for a fast deployment. Automation of every step of the modelling keeps costs down.

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