Privacy by design

Privacy by design is at the core of our service. No third-party or employee at One Prediction can retrieve any personal data from data subjects.

Pseudonymized & hashed data

Personal data are pseudonymized before being uploaded in One Prediction.
One Prediction does not have access to the pseudonymization key.
This means that data in One Prediction can not be related to specific data subjects.

Moreover column names and column content are hashed. This means that data subject attributes and values are not available in the platform, other than in a code.

The picture on the left illustrates how data are stored in One Prediction.

Read Our Data Processing Agreement*

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Sub-data processors

One Prediction uses Google Cloud and DataRobot (AWS) as sub-data processors.
Google Cloud and AWS data centres are located in European Union (E.U.).

Only pseudonymized, hashed or anonymized data are stored at the sub-data processors.

No personal data is stored outside E.U.